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I am a licensed couple and family therapist, in private practice at Bridges Therapy and with The Linder Psychiatric Group. I provide systems informed psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy, counseling and coaching for individuals, couples and families living in the greater Sacramento area.

We can always choose to view our life experiences, however painful and difficult, as opportunities for our own healing and growth. My therapy uses this supportive approach to address your treatment goals.

Choices for healing...

vary depending on your situation and life experiences and therapy can be a place to reorient to a fuller awareness of choices you want and need to make, to cultivate a felt and embodied awareness of the strengths you possess. The quality and type of commitment you extend in therapy and its timing and pacing is your choice and I will support you through your healing process, that you might allow the mysteries of your own healing process to unfold.


Acknowledging our role in our problems takes courage and humility and as my faculty advisor once told me, "be humble." This encouragement didn't change the other person but did shift my focus and how I could explore what my role was in both the problem I contributed to and its solution.



If perceived properly, our problems can be an opportunity to focus on our life experiences, however painful, learning to address them and garner important lessons we deeply wish to learn. Overtime we can explore new ways of seeing ourselves and learn that our efforts in therapy may be difficult but at the same time feel deeply liberating and provide new freedoms.

Being a member of a healing arts community grounded in eco-systemic service philosophies and clinicians that embody a daily striving to serve above the highest standards of practice, means your making genuine connections, that allow you to expand your own perspectives, relationships, family and community. Sometimes, adding friends, whom were once seen as enemies, classrooms are abound in life, we must decide to no longer let our prison contain our hearts and mind. I am connected to some of the most talented clinicians in our field, that enjoy helping me, help you! Help begins with a free consultation (phone or email) !


My specialties are in supporting persons living with trauma (simple to complex), high conflict or ambivalent couples and depressed and/or suicidal adolescent and family therapy and women's issues and supporting people of color!


Specializing in adults, teens and children with a history of ADHD, addiction and codependency issues, trauma and loss, helping them recover with respect and dignity.


I also provide support for persons living with depression, anxiety, chronic distress, OCD, stress, role and performance issues, sexual abuse and molest. I can also help with recognizing and healing boundaries in relationships, moving toward healthy dependency and away from unhealthy dependancy, compulsions and providing a safe emotional space in the process.  


Serving at Strategies for Change, in Sacramento, I provided mental health support to individual, couples and families struggling with addiction, trauma, parenting and codependency issues. The groups I facilitated were family systems groups and approved by Sacramento County CPS and focused on healthy needs fullfillment and communication that leads to mutual respect for all family members, to begin to address the generational conflict and trauma cycles many families experience.


At the Relationshp Skills Center, I provided couples coaching support for couples learning communication skills, to help them make use of their conflicts to begin to explore how they might address intense emotions often experienced in the couple relationship, allowing mutual responsibility in ways to understand one another and provide mutual support.


In my past role as a community mental health social worker for adults and children's system's of care in Sacramento and Placer counties I served as a community service coordinator to help persons, their families and caregivers living with mental illness, transition from an inpatient care support setting, to living independently in the community.


While serving at the former Standford Home for Children, I met with children and their parents in their homes and schools, providing child and family team meetings. I helped each family member support one anothers voice and choice for growing and changing, while helping them provide each other feedback about the issues they were facing and wanting to address. Learning new ways to communicate provided support for families adjusting to changing family structure, role and responsibilities, deal with mental health issues, trauma, grief, loss and generational conflicts.


Working with Communities in Schools, I joined the Sacramento Parent Education Consortium. I co-researched and co-presented a parent education training to support parents and their children learn about boundaries and communicating about new roles and responsibilities. The focus of this parent education curriculm was (and still is) used to help parents to help their children  transition from living in one home, to living in two homes. Sacramento Family Courts adopted this co-parenting curriculum as the mandatory co-parenting curriculm for families facing custody issues in family court.


As a school social worker in an elementary school, along with the then onsite counselor and "SB-65" worker, I provided case mangement to children and their families, both in their school and homes. Children and youth value play as a primary mechanism for learning, building on this fact, I developed an after school Irish dance troupe , as a form of self expression and play, which provided each child an opportunity for them to perform at their school's Winter Multicultural Faire. The formation of this dance troupe was met by some shy onlookers, zeal by most children and committed interest by a handful of students who went on to perform at the school's faire. 


After all the hard work, struggle and practice, their performance at the faire was met given a standing ovation and many parents shed tears of joy and pride in the their childrens efforts. In the end, our troupe was given an invitation to perform at the Arden Fair Mall, by the Read Accross America Program; an invitation that we were honored to acccept! Therapy can be fun!

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